The perfect dinner party cocktail.

Hubs and I were fortunate enough to ring in the new year with friends at a dinner party on Thursday night.  With kiddies still running around, it was a bit early to sit down for dinner when the fourth couple showed up with their contribution for the party – a perfect gin and tonic cocktail!

In the desert, it’s never really cold, so this refreshing drink really was the perfect way to kick off the evening and one I could see drinking year round.  I also thought it was an easy, but memorable addition to a party and one that any hostess would appreciate.

The ingredients are simple:

1 bottle Hendricks gin (if you are bringing to a party, bring the good stuff – Tanqueray would also work)

3-4 limes

1 package of pomegranate seeds

3-4 cucumbers

6 cans tonic water (Schweppes is fine, but you can go fancy ala Fever Tree if you prefer)


Line up the number of glasses and fill halfway with cubed ice.  Measure out 1 (or 2) shots of gin and pour over ice.  Squeeze 1/2 or 1/4 limes into each glass (you can leave rind in for garnish).  Measure out 1 tablespoon (or more) pomegranate seeds and add to the glasses.  Cut slivers of cucumber and add 3-4 small slices to the mixture.  Finally, add tonic water to nearly the top of the glass.  Serve!

What struck me about this was how social the event and entertaining it was to watch someone make these drinks.  For a dinner party, having a fancy cocktail was a great way to set the tone (and the results were delicious).

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G&T perfection.


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