My hypothetical trips for 2016.

Recently, Hubs and I started discussing all the possible trips we might take in 2016, and I’m not going to lie – there’s a lot to look forward to.  In a way to put this energy more permanently into the universe, I’m going to list them out below (and also ask for an ID90 buddy with Emirates!) and hope many of them become reality.

In no particular order:

  • A catamaran trip around the Seychelles
  • A trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar (my first sponsored travel?)
  • A boat trip somewhere in Bali/Polynesia
  • Hawaii for a wedding
  • Bath for a hen do
  • Australia for a wedding
  • Travel I’d like to do with girlfriends (R, M, T, E and K)
  • Travel we’d like to do with friends (Hooks)
  • Quick trip to Salalah
  • Eastern Europe (summer)
  • Diving trips for Hubs (Oman, Fujeirah, the Maldives)
  • Probably a few staycation nights
  • Probably a trip to Amsterdam
  • High school reunion for Hubs in Savannah, GA
Cinemagraph found here.

Where is travel going to take you in 2016?


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