Punjab Grill: Opening Launch Notes

Upon receiving an invite I could finally! attend, I was very excited to RSVP to the launch of the Punjab Grill at the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi.  In the 8 years of living in the region, I had not yet been to the property and for a weather perfect evening in December, I certainly picked the right moment to visit.

My interpretation of a ‘formal’ dress code.

My night started on a high note.  The PR firm (IPN) that helped arrange the event booked car service from my residence to the hotel.  I thought it was a VERY classy touch (and more or less necessary because it takes A LOT to get my butt off Saadiyat Island on a school night).  My guest and I arrived and, after receiving a glass of white wine, chose a seat in the outside patio area where we could enjoy the live music.

The beautiful interior.

And then the food started coming…


Fried yoghurt – it’s a thing!  Watch out, Bitterballen.
Yummy spinach.
The prawns were a treat.
The tandoori salmon – my absolute winner for the evening!


Necessary Murgh mukhni (w/tasty naan and bubbles).

While not the very best Indian fine dining I’ve had in the Emirates (we are super spoiled here), I could very easily recommend a night viewing of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque (just across the way), followed by a lovely dinner at Punjab Grill.  I’m curious to check out more of the Venetian Village and would love to visit again for a service to further explore the menu.

Overall, I cannot stress how accommodating, friendly and genuine the staff were – which to me, made the evening.  The delivery of service was among the best I’ve received in the region.  When there was an extended percussion feature as part of the entertainment (my inner drumline girl was most appreciative), we all gathered around to see management and the Punjab Grill team kicking back, dancing and enjoying themselves!

A solid 4 star experience.

I attended the launch of Punjab Grill as a guest of the restaurant, transportation, food and beverages were provided free of cost.  Opinions are my own.

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