The Chedi Muscat: Fine dining on the beach

It is no secret I have always wanted to stay at the Chedi Muscat.  However, because I am fortunate enough to have a friend work (and share great rates) at the Al Bustan Palace, in this trip to Muscat, it was only for dinner that I was able to visit the Chedi and dine at The Beach Restaurant.

Reservations?  Made by my friend and necessary during high season and if you want to sit outside (which you totally do).  (To be fair, given the design of the restaurant, almost every table is more or less outside).

Ambiance?  Chic beachside resort with a slight Asian twist.  You can hear the waves peacefully in the background (and, as part of the flight path, you can also hear planes).

Food?  We opted for the tasting menu, and I think I’ll let the food speak for itself in the pictures below.  The only missteps here was the fact that there was no option for a paired wine experience.  To the point, the waiter (very nice) had zero suggestions to give (and I’m sure we couldn’t be the first people to make the request).

While three of our party went with the set menu, our fourth guest had a few choices off menu (which I will note).  She had recently been and wanted to try something different.

Fancy amuse bouche.
Chedi Muscat, The Beach Restaurant
While I’m not a total fan of chicken liver, this was actually quite palatable.
Chedi Muscat, The Beach  Restaurant
Off the menu – Omani oysters (they were huge).


Yellow Fin Tuna (off the menu).






Service?  As mentioned above, I think it’s strange that the servers wouldn’t be prepared to offer suggestions for wine, but they were attentive enough.  The pacing was also very nicely handled.

Cost?  The cost of the tasting menu is OMR38.5 (which I felt was quite worth it).

Final thoughts from Hubs… [No comments as my favorite landscape architect was too busy taking pictures of the property.]

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