Toko Dubai: Celebrate in Style

Having now been twice, I can honestly say that Toko Dubai is becoming one of my favorite destinations for well done food and a great night.

Reservations?  In the most recent visit (a Monday night), not necessary, but I am curious to make a trip for one of their legendary ladies nights (Wednesday).  I’d also be up for their brunch!

Ambiance? Pop punk Asian fusion.  I think this poster says it all.  With elegant seating, funky art, dedicated bar space, and outdoor seating, Toko has a lot on offer.

Toko Dubai
I would legit display this in my house.

Food?  Not a miss yet.  Highlights include the extra delicious grilled avocado with lime and salt and the black cod.

Toko Dubai

Toko Dubai ceviche

Toko Dubai



Service? Attentive without being overbearing – my personal favorite.  The pacing of the meal was also well done.

Cost? If there is one sticking point for Toko, it’s that it’s not a cheap date.  Between wine, cocktails (to be fair, they are unique and delicious) and three tasting menus (AED350 each without drinks), there are other places where your dizzle will go further.  However, I think it’s worth a splurge now and then.

Parting thoughts from Hubs… When do we move to Dubai?


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