BOA Steakhouse: Must Do Brunch!

By now, I think you’ve probably realized I enjoy brunch in the United Arab Emirates.  Honestly, when else can you find such a low key meal that offers something for everyone?  Don’t want to drink, no worries!  Want to eat buffet style?  go for it.   Want to go for broke and consume an entire bottle of champagne?  Why not?  Thus, when asked to join friends yesterday at BOA Steakhouse, Hubs and I who have been abusing our livers plenty decided, why the hell not?  I’m so glad we did!

Reservations?  I didn’t make them and given the crowd, it seemed possible you could rock up without them, however, I think it’s good to call ahead.  (Only wish they wouldn’t have seated us directly next to the toilets and I guess if requesting a table, be sure to be seated more ‘centrally’ in the restaurant).

Ambiance?  Well…  It’s chic, but very understated for the region – as in, the interior was comfortable, but almost forgettable.  I did like the DJ’s choices for the afternoon, which consisted of a deep 80’s mix (fine for me).

Food?  Having a look at the regular menu, I think the a la carte brunch is the best approach and, like Koi, gives the diner the value for money.  The cold starters were a huge hit with all of us (another shout out to the absolutely delicious salad made tableside).  For the date we dined, they also provided – free of charge – a seafood platter to share (complete with dry ice).  Of the hot starters (which were not entirely necessary – so. much. food.) I liked the ‘tender chicken’ best.  After a yummy mushroom soup (well portioned) our mains appeared without much space left in our stomachs!  I’m very sad I did not have room for all of the melt in your mouth Wagyu steak (with an almost untouched heap of sides).  If you plan on going, be sure to pace yourself – or maybe even ask for half portions.

One note that if you prefer your steak to be cooked well, I think you need to stress this to the wait staff.  Although the menu was delicious, a friend’s ‘medium’ steak turned up quite pink.  Had we been in a more picky mood, we might have decided to send it back (strange that a steakhouse would not be able to get the cook of the meat correctly).

Come hungry.
And this isn’t everything!

Service?  Crazy attractive…  No seriously.  With three of us seated at the table who were attracted to men, it was unanimous that each member of the service staff we interacted with was cuter than the last.  Hotness factor aside, the staff were highly attentive (props to the unbelievably happy Caesar salad guy).  My only question would be at the end of service, why they all simply disappeared (replaced by another group).

Cost?  One of our party was corporately connected, so we were able to get a ‘buy one, get one free’ as a discount for the food (not the beverages).  The wine/spirits package listed for AED395 and the Tattinger free pour was AED495.  Our total was around AED600 – great value for the range of food and alcohol consumed.

Parting thoughts from Hubs… Almost too much food!


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