Vinkeles Dinner Date

Vinkeles Dinner Date

To go with my review of Vinkeles, I put this look together (even though I know that booties in Amsterdam are a bit of an insane choice)!  The grey dress seemed like a cozy choice for an intimate dinner and I had to add the McQueen umbrella, because one can never trust the weather.  Rather than go with a statement bag, I decided to keep the purse small – which I thought also was a better fit for the decor.

Would love to hear your thoughts on my selections!  Are there any famous Dutch designers I should know about?  Why do I have such expensive taste?

Alexander Wang gray dress
3,400 AED –

Avenue plus size stocking
70 AED –

MICHAEL Michael Kors black leather boots
725 AED –

Tory Burch zip around wallet
605 AED –

Lana gold earrings
3,895 AED –

Burberry cashmere scarve
3,855 AED –

Alexander McQueen glove
1,525 AED –

Alexander McQueen umbrella
2,225 AED –

NARS Cosmetics lip gloss
105 AED –

37 Phalaenopsis Orchid Spray Cream
48 AED –

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