If You’re Ever in Athens, GA… Go to the Last Resort Grill.

Full disclosure, I have a lot of fond memories of this place.  It is where Hubs was a bartender for a year or two and where we had our wedding reception many years ago (bonus – the owner let us ‘rent’ the property for nothing!).  While there are any number of fantastic and original restaurants in the college town of Athens, GA the Last Resort Grill is one of my absolute favorites.

Reservations?  On the weekend (and even lunch) I would imagine they are necessary.  It is one of the most popular restaurants in the city.  There are always people waiting on a table.

Ambiance?  Eclectic Southern Art Loft meets former garage meets former bank.  True story, the name ‘Last Resort’ comes from the time when the location used to be a bank, it was a person’s last resort for a loan on their way out of town.  The unique layout of the restaurant shows where the garage used to be (the entrance is on a slightly lower level than where the kitchen is, where the cars used to drive in).  A rotating scene of local artwork is used to decorate the walls.

The nerds return to the scene of the crime.

Food?  Delicious Southern fusion.  I still dream of the fried green tomatoes and Vidalia onion bacon dressing.  You literally can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.  Bonus?  The restaurant focuses on sourcing products locally (their cake vendor is amazing).  The bar is well stocked, the wine list is deep.

Service? Well mannered (this is the American South, y’all) and hip.  You won’t find a wait and bar staff like this in many places in the world.

Cost?  Reasonable.  My fried green tomatoes cost USD7.25.

Hubs’ parting thoughts… So many late nights and memories.  Can I get a PBR?

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