Best Weekend in Abu Dhabi? Fairmont Bab al Bahr 36 Hour Weekend Package.

Having visited and taken advantage of this experience no less than 3 times, I can honestly say the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr’s 36 Hour Weekend Package is among the most relaxing ways to spend two days in the capital.  We first went for this package back in 2010, when we were residents of Dubai, and have been back when living in Doha and with friends during our current stay in Abu Dhabi.  With an all you can eat and drink brunch, early check in, a luxe room, breakfast, lunch and a late checkout – it’s a great value.  There is enough time to go big at brunch and completely recover the next day.  Finally, given the proximity to the Souq Qaryat Al Beri, if the weather isn’t too warm, you can walk over and have a look around (or another drink).

Reservations?  Made online (and not through a third party).  Given the package, I would be surprised if you could find this without booking directly through the hotel’s website.

Ambiance?  One of my favorite Fairmont properties.  Honestly, I even love the smell of this hotel!  The exterior is one of a kind and the interior is quite modern.  Given the complete difference from the nearby Shangri-La (also nice), the two hotels make a striking addition to the skyline.

Fans of Tron will be impressed.

Room?  In our three visits, we’ve been upgraded twice!  I have no complaints about the layout, design or quality of the Fairmont rooms.  If possible to book, the view is more interesting on the mosque side, but given the beach and restaurants face towards this stunning landmark, you will not miss out too much by facing the other side of the property.

Absolutely no complaints here.

Service?  Always ready to help.  All staff seem to be at the level one would expect at a property of this caliber.

Cost?  AED1699 (++, less if you’re not on bubbles why wouldn’t you?)  As this is inclusive of a champagne brunch (which I hope to review in another post – spoiler alert, it’s a great one), I urge you to find another deal quite as good in the city.  (Actually, the St. Regis had a similar deal on offer over the summer, but it’s too close to where we live).

Parting thoughts from Hubs…  Weren’t we talking about taking your parents when they visit?


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