Not for me: Kantjil & de Tijger, Amsterdam

For another one of our dinners in Amsterdam this summer, I took the advice of a fellow food blogger and searched for one of the Indonesian restaurants in the city.  Kantjil & de Tijger came up in a search (and was well reviewed).  And as it was close to where we were staying, it seemed like the right option.  While I have previously enjoyed other regional (Thai and Indian both feature in my weekly eating) cuisines, I had not specifically eaten Indonesian.  After this meal, I’m not sure I would again. For what we paid and what we got, I felt like there was a big disconnect (or maybe I’m still missing something).

Reservations?  Made online and necessary – the place was absolutely packed while we were there.

Ambiance? Bar type atmosphere with tables packed together.  It’s loud and popular.  For the cuisine, it makes sense, but I prefer a little more space in a dining environment (or I’m just spoiled by living in the Middle East).

Food? I believe we had this menu: Rijsttafel Kantjil (which includes Nasi Poetih, Saté Babi, Saté Ikan, Daging Roedjak, Pepesan Oedang, Babi Panggang, Kredok, Sajoer Lodeh, Broccoli Tjampoer, s.g. Kentang, s.g. Telor, Seroendeng and Kroepoek).  In all honesty, I expected a lot more.  Many of the dishes were bland (which seems impossible, given the spices, etc. that go into this style of cooking).  The proteins were oily.  Some of the sides made no sense.  There wasn’t enough room for anything on our table and food was slung out at a frenetic pace, not allowing us any time to enjoy the meal.  Even if we had the time, most of the sauces tasted the same – or hit similar notes.

In which I am whelmed.

Service?  Another big miss.  When we inquired if there was any recommended wine or drink pairing for the menu, no advice was given.  As mentioned above, food was crammed onto our small table and cleared away after the fact (not that I would fully blame the server, she had entirely too many tables).  I think the restaurant would do well to hire more wait staff for the rush periods.

Cost? EUR 27.50 per person (not including wine and water).  I find this overpriced for what we received.

Thoughts from Hubs… But seriously, what WAS the relationship of the couple behind us?

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