Rang Mahal by Atul Kochhar – An Amazing Experience in Dubai.

To celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary earlier this year, Hubs and I wanted to do something special.  I tasked Hubs to finding a place and although we debated Le Petit Maison (maybe some time soon), we ultimately decided on Rang Mahal at the JW Marriott Marquis (tallest hotel in the world!) and I’m so glad we did.

Reservation?  Online.

Ambiance?  The interior is pretty amazing – the ceiling height must be two stories at least, but the only (!) part of the experience I would discredit the restaurant on is on the construction site it overlooks (which I recognize the JW has no control over).  No offense, but viewing a pit of water (which I think will one day be the Dubai Canal?) and fluorescent lighting is not what I want to see when I’m eating.  Anyway, looking past the dirty pool of water, the golds and reds of the restaurant and bar are something quite special and make for dramatic pictures.  While we did not visit for a drink, the attached lounge also looked quite cool.


He’s very handsome, isn’t he?

Food?  Perfectly balanced in every way.  The Nine Jewels (Rang Mahal’s Navratan Menu) is appropriately named and an absolute treat.  The scallops, shrimp and chicken were the standouts for me, but there wasn’t a course I didn’t love.  In fact, if anything, I loved everything a bit much and was practically bursting when we came to the last course.

You’re drooling, aren’t you?

I won’t give away the desert ‘surprise’ but trust me, it’s unlike any experience you’ve ever encountered (in a good way).


Service?  Different than our wonderfully personal experience at Reflets, but still in my top 3 service encounters to date.  Unobtrusive, the entire staff seemed personable, knowledgeable, approachable and were there to simply enjoy the food at our own pace.

Cost?  AED395 per person without wine.  AED745 per person with wine.  Absolutely worth every dizzle.

Parting thoughts from Hubs…  Seriously, when are we going back?

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