Decent lunch spot: Bluespoon (Andaz Amsterdam)

In the summer of 2014, I was still getting my foodie feet underneath me.  Much like Vinkeles, our visit to the Bluespoon was inspired forced by my interest in the hotel first (to Vinkeles The Dylan, Bluespoon is located in the Andaz Amsterdam).  Reflecting over a year later, I’m not sure I would go back (unless we secured a seat at the Chef’s Table).  Sure, the property is cool, but I’m also dying to dine at The Conservatorium Hotel…  Furthermore, in comparing this lunch to the lunch we had at Nevel, I would definitely return to Nevel.

Reservations? Made online, but not necessary for lunch.  We were one of three tables seated.

Ambiance?  Tres chic.  The whole of the Andaz (like the brand at large) is a lesson in unique and memorable interior design.  The restaurant is immediately off of the lobby and is close to a nice garden (plenty of windows).

A glass of wine in hand (must be me!).

Food? Unfortunately, not memorable.  Sure, I’ve had tons of meals since then, but nothing in particular stands out to me.

Service? Nothing that stands out.  In fact, I seem to recall it was difficult to get the attention of any service as we were seated further away from the kitchen.

Cost?  On par with Nevel.  The menu matches the price, but spend your Euros elsewhere.

Parting thoughts from Hubs… The garden was nice.


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