Go for Broke: Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire

Let the record show, I’d been wanting to go to this restaurant for ages.  As our first apartment in Dubai was located very near the Intercon, I’d walked by the iconic pink chandeliers for ages but could never pull the trigger on making a reservation.  Hubs and I finally made the decision to go in December 2014.  We were in Dubai from Abu Dhabi for the Spinney’s 92km bike challenge and it seemed a good way to celebrate Hubs’s first big ride.

Reservations?  Made online.  I honestly don’t remember if I had to use a credit card to secure the booking.

Ambiance?  The interior has to be one of the most identifiable in the city.  With it’s own private elevator to the completely funky bathrooms, there really is nothing like it.  The tables are situated in a way that you can people watch, but you also have privacy – a detail I appreciated.

Iconic pink chandeliers.
The bathrooms are…a bit interesting.

Food?  Artistry.  Magic.  Epic.  Creative.  Almost too much…  Seriously.  When the meal ended with FOUR deserts, I felt incredibly rude for not being able to finish them, however, I was literally stuffed and couldn’t fit another bite in my mouth.

Much desert. Such food. Very yum.

Service?  Among my top two experiences in the Emirates.  This is where the excellent separate from the superb.  As with many of the restaurants we’ve been fortunate enough to visit in the past, the attention to detail and professionalism are always there.  At Reflets, our ‘lead waiter’ (whose name I’ve forgotten and feel terrible for doing so) was personable and set a natural tone with both my husband and myself.  There was good conversation and unlike so much of the ‘ma’am/sir’ culture which pervades the UAE, we were able to speak normally.  Given some recent awkward experiences (55th and 5th, I’m looking at you), the level of service sincerely sets Reflets apart.

Price?  At AED1340 per person (with wine pairing, of course) this is not for the faint of heart.  This is, however, for a very special occasion or celebration.  This is kind of place where you get engaged or take your parents.  While Hubs was upset at the AED30 for his espresso, given how we’ve been gouged on water at other nice restaurants in the UAE (Rosewood, I’m looking at you), I was willing to let it go.

Parting thoughts from Hubs… Was she really drinking a pina colada?


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