Beautiful night at Bridges.

During our 2014 trip to Amsterdam, Hubs and I decided to break away from our beloved bitterballen and test out one of the fine dining options in the city.  If I’m remembering correctly, this meal was very close to our 11th wedding anniversary.  I can’t recall the exact search that led me to Bridges, complete with its own Michelin star, but I’m glad we ended up there.

Reservations?  Made online.  A credit card was needed to hold the reservation.

Ambiance?  Absolutely wow factor.  Located in the Grand Sofitel, this is one of those very special restaurants.  Hubs and I were seated at one of the tables close to a window, near the canal and street where we could see the world walk by.  As my proclivity to be absolutely on time was en force, we were (of course) the first people to be seated.  (I’ll again attest that when traveling to Europe from the Emirates, the two hour time difference puts my meals well ahead of others).

Food?  We ordered the menu du chef (of course) with wine pairing (of course).  While I don’t remember the experience being quite as elevated as Vinkeles, Bridges certainly does an amazing job.  The langoustine dish was an absolute stand out and I would love to visit the restaurant again.

I did manage to get one of my favorite pictures ever taken of my husband.
Very amusing bouche.

Service?  Look, everyone at this level of restaurant is always courteous and professional (although I think stand out personable waiters are more the exception than the norm).  As with some of our past dining experiences, we were strangely rushed through the first three courses (such that we had more or less knocked back 3 glasses of wine in a 25 minutes and were fast on our way to becoming inebriated) when Hubs spoke up and we got the wait staff to stop their rush to get us drunk.  Unfortunately, I wish we had spoke up sooner.  By the time we got to the delicious desert (fried dough and chocolate), I was already stuffed and ready to stumble home.

Cost?  I can’t remember if we chose five or six courses (79 or 89EUR) and we also went with the wine pairing.

Parting thoughts from Hubs… I look good.


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