Chilean Wine Night @ Hawksbill: Mostly Good

The Saadiyat Beach Golf Club hosts a wine night once a month, and Hubs and I along with some other friends try and attend when we can.  In this case, we signed up for a Chilean themed night.

Reservations?  Made by e-mailing the F&B team (with a credit card to hold the booking).

Ambiance?  It’s located at a nice golf club.  The wine tasting takes over the Hawksbill restaurant, which is a decent pub.  This is not a fine dining venue, but it does get the job done.  There are televisions (tuned to the golf station, natch) and a large bar.  When it is cooler out, guests can dine outside overlooking a green space and the putting green.  If you’re really lucky, you’ll see some gazelles!

Food?  The food is always lovely and well presented, but as was the case with previous events, there is ZERO explanation of how the food and wine go together (the exception was a fantastic evening presented by Penfolds earlier in the year).  While I realize a golf club is not going to employ a full time sommelier, surely there is someone in Abu Dhabi who is available to host these sorts of events.  If this was built as an attempt to move wine, why not make the wine available to purchase?  Instead, we had a nice enough meal, but with no specific or discernible ties to Chile.  I wasn’t super excited by any of the wines (with exception, of course, the Brut – I do like my bubbles), but food was quite nice.


Service?  And here’s where things could go from a nice night out to really exceptional…in addition to having literally ANY PERSON AT THE GOLF CLUB tell us what we were drinking, there needed to be at least two more rounds of water.  We all left parched and had to beg water during the last course.

Cost? AED295 person makes this a very reasonable packaged night out.  Four courses with wine pairing…and close to home?  We’ll most likely be back.

Parting thought from Hubs… [Gets home and drinks liter of water].

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