Tokyo Treat: Sushi Bar Yasuda

While I haven’t mentioned my love of sushi yet, please understand it is a very deep relationship.  In fact, I’ve ordered sushi no less than three times this week already.  Thus, when planning a trip to Tokyo, I knew we would be visiting one of the better restaurants and the fish markets.  As we were supposed to travel with friends earlier in 2014 (Hubs’ work got in the way), they made the excellent recommendation for Yasuda Sushi.  They also went to Sukiyabashi Jiro, (of the Jiro Dreams of Sushi fame), but told us Yasuda was the better experience of the two.

Reservation?  Made online and essential to book months in advance.  There was a very specific set of directions – i.e. that I needed to reconfirm the booking 24 hours before.  Clearly, reservations were mandatory as the entire place seats about 15 people.  for example, the other party who was in the restaurant at the same time we were had flown from New York.

Ambiance?  Unassuming.  The interior is simple.  Even walking down the mostly residential street the restaurant is located on is understated.  This is very much a case of the food doing the talking.

Food?  Simple and perfect.  The menu essentially three choices, and we quickly opted for the ‘eat whatever Chef Yasuda feeds you.’  After this (easy) decision, you are first asked if you have any allergies, and then presented with amazing cuts of various fish and seafood.  I think we each managed about 20 30? pieces (honestly I lost count after 10).  The Toro would be worth going back for.

Hubs and I were lucky enough to be at the sushi counter when almost no one else was around.  We spoke with Chef Yasuda, who was very approachable and had a great sense of humor.  It felt like being at a master class of someone who is one of the best people on earth for what they do.

Cost?  I remember it being cheaper than I thought, but whatever the price is, just know it’s worth it.

Parting thought from Hubs… We had how many pieces of sushi?

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