Zeezout: Divine Lunch in Rotterdam.

You might be noticing a trend here, but on Hubs’ and I recent trip to the Netherlands this summer, we fell into a great habit of having a busy morning and then treating ourselves to a long, indulgent lunch (the best kind of holiday!).  After wandering far and wide across a rather cold Rotterdam, we found ourselves with a healthy appetite.

Reservations?  Walk up and hope the restaurant is open.  In our case, they open for a 2 hour window at lunch.  We were two of four patrons for the first hour and then others joined, creating a friendly atmosphere.

Ambiance?  Charming and well appointed.  Seating was very intimate (close), but as lunch was not crowded, this was not an issue.  I’m sure the street we were on becomes busier, however, at the time we were in town, it was quite quiet.  Additionally, in warmer weather, it would be lovely to dine outside.


Food?  Can I please have lunch here every day?  Not only was the plating incredible, each course was absolutely delicious.  The servings were the perfect size.  The attention to detail was without fail.  Hubs and I were absolutely stuffed by the time we left, but in the best possible way.  This was the kind of lunch we will remember for years to come.




I won’t give away the secret. 🙂

Service?  As with Nevel, a near perfect balance of attentiveness and personality.  For example, when we wandered in, the hostess asked if we would like to dine off the menu, or if we would simply let the chef prepare a number of courses for us.  In a place like Zeezout, my belief is that the chef and his team know exactly what they are doing, so it’s best to let them do just that.  We settled on 4 courses (plus desert).  Furthermore, after we had cleared the second bottle of wine and were in no condition to walk back to the train station, the wait staff arranged a taxi for us in a matter of moments.

Cost?  I couldn’t tell you, but it was worth every Euro!

Parting thoughts from Hubs…  [Takes pictures of the onion stuffed with fancy mayo].


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