Lovely Lunch at Nevel.

One thing about jet lag is that is can sometimes work in your favor.  Traveling from the Emirates to Amsterdam as Hubs and I do almost every summer, we are usually wide awake by 7AM – allowing for a proper lie in with television before heading out into the city.  When visiting one of our favorite European cities this summer, we found that we had walked an insane amount of steps and were quite famished by noon (yes, I know – but in my hypoglycemic world, that was 2PM).  Thus, we found ourselves the very first customers inside Nevel on a lovely Tuesday.

Reservations?  When dining promptly when the restaurant opens, there’s usually not a line.  However, the website is easy to manage.

Ambiance? Tres chic/modern European!  The restaurant was much larger than I initially thought it would be (or maybe that was because we were the only ones seated).  There was a large indoor section as well as a more populated outdoor section (we sat inside because of the wind).  Both sections are (as you would expect in Amsterdam), close to the water.  I loved the interesting decor in the restrooms, but one had to manage a steep staircase to access the loos (easy to do in broad daylight, but I wouldn’t have wanted to do it in heels).



Food? We chose the fixed 2 course lunch menu which featured a lot of fresh veg, including a delicious heirloom tomato and burrata salad.  The local bread and butter were also sensational and, being on vacation, I had a glass (or 3) of white wine for accompaniment.

Simple and delicious.

Service?  Just my style.  A friendly, normal conversation.  Enough space for Hubs and I to enjoy ourselves.  Given the Middle East is so ‘ma’am/sir operational’ it’s nice to connect with wait staff who know food and enjoy their jobs.

Cost?  EUR24.50 (which included tea and coffee).  The wine and beer selections were also reasonable.

Hubs parting thoughts: Did we really have to be there right at 12PM?

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