L’Atelier: A Treat in Bucharest

After we did a dine in at home, at the recommendation of one of the chefs, my traveling companion and I made the decision for our last night in Bucharest to dine at L’Atelier, an upscale dining option attached to the Hotel Epoque.

Reservations?  Given we made the decision to go later in the trip, we did not call ahead – fortunately for us, we decided to dine early and being seated was not an option.  I would have loved to try the bar opposite the restaurant, but my friend doesn’t drink – so we went straight to be seated.

Ambiance?  Charming!  The main dining room is directly off of the lobby on the ground floor, and with plenty of windows, you get a bird’s eye view as to the comings and goings of the patrons of the hotel (in our case there was a wedding on which caused an influx of Negroni drinking guests on the patio).

Epoque Boutique HotelL'Atelier Restaurant in Bucharest
Handsome.  Very handsome.  Attentive.  In the future, I would like to have such attractive waiters everywhere I go.  Also, he was very helpful when my credit card wouldn’t work in the machine!

Food?  So very pretty.  Also delicious.  Furthermore, while I do love my friend, she is quite picky when it comes to meals, and even she was even impressed.  My ‘tarragon infused lobster ravioli and lobster bisque with glazed vegetables’ was perfectly balanced and my ‘baby squid filled with summer vegetables, served in Bouillabaisse style, with spicy garlic Rouille’ was almost too pretty to eat.  I might have preferred the stuffed squid to be served at a slightly higher temperature, but that would be my only change.  Also, we were charged for bread (NBD, but just seems a bit out of place).




Cost?  145LEI for the appetizer and main (10LEI for bread, and reasonable costs for water and prosecco).





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