What’s the Dill?

Hubs and I were lucky enough to travel to Iceland this summer and after a small amount of research I knew Dill would be on our list.

Reservation?  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Online reservation that was confirmed quickly.  Given how far out in advance we made the booking, I believe we were granted the best seats in the house (practically on top of the open space kitchen).

Ambiance?  Not exactly what I was expecting…in a good way.  The one room restaurant is located off of the main street in Reykjavik.  Hubs and I walked from our AirBnb (silly me, I had every intention of wearing something nicer than jeans and a nice sweater, but it was just too cold and my trusty Loubouts remained packed).  We were greeted and our jackets were taken.  Seated at the bar was different than sitting at one of the small tables, but I liked the rustic charm of the entire place.  It felt intimate, comfortable and not at all pretentious.

Service?  The kitchen team of 4 (?!!!) were a well run machine, genuine and in control.  We watched them work seamlessly from our perch at the bar.  The sommelier was also lovely, although I think European somms are getting sick of me asking about New World wines.  (I usually ask in a joking manner – hopefully not too obnoxious!)  Additionally, we watched as the wait staff made room for a couple who had mixed up their booking (off by one day) – you could tell how much it meant to the pair.

Food?  Literally can’t miss.  With 13 (!) bites, I was absolutely floored by the wonderful balance of dishes.  My only no go were the mussels (but I realize this choice is on me – it’s one of the few foods I absolutely can’t stand).  I was also delighted by the sherry (!!) that accompanied the desert – it was all kinds of delicious.  We ended the meal with a very traditional Icelandic ‘treat’ rhubarb in sugar.

We think this was menu #142.
A glimpse into the kitchen.
One of the 6 amuse bouches.

Cost? It’s been a few months, but I think the cost is ISK 11,000 per person (with wine pairing).  Whatever the cost is, it was totally worth it.

Parting comments from Hubs…  If only it weren’t for the Russians – with their smoking and crazy need for salt, it would’ve been a perfect evening.


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