LBD: Elegant Cocktail Service and…

LBD: Elegant Cocktail Service and…

…my favorite bathroom in Dubai!  (BTW, I’m putting together a list of my favorite restrooms in the city which you never asked for in a later post).

With an early start at nearby Trader Vic’s (#bloggerlife takes me to some strange places, but I’m not complaining), we decided to make good on the idea of a pub crawl on SZR (in reality, I want to make this happen by making use of the metro, but that’s a post for another day).  Little Black Door (#KnocktoEnter, spoiler alert, we did not knock) had been on my radar for awhile, but since I rarely find myself on this side of Sheikh Zayed, I hadn’t had a reason to visit.

We walked through the overlarge lobby of the Conrad (so unfortunately placed directly in front of a Metro station) and made a right towards the bar.  When I saw not only the black ropes out and overlarge door, I began to wonder if Hubs and I would have enough cool points to be allowed entry.  Fortunately, we arrived the moment the venue was opening (7:30 PM) and so were welcomed (I think the story might have been a different one if it were some time after 10 PM).  Walking in, the same tall ceilings of the lobby are kept, and the whole vibe veers towards an intimate N’Awlins speakeasy, with low lighting, exposed brick, and unique details.  This atmosphere is echoed in the uniforms of the wait staff — black trousers, white shirts, and black braces.  I could, however, deal without the Eyes Wide Shut vibe of the Latin phrase, ‘the truth shall set you free’ on the menu and website.  Maybe I’m too old, jaded, or not hipster enough to get it.

Little Black Door
Promotional photo from LBD Facebook page.

While Hubs immediately decided to go for his usual Old Fashioned (this one gets top marks), I began looking through the (almost exhaustively) extensive cocktails list (check yourself, the drinks list is 24 pages in total).  While many of the drinks caught my attention, I ultimately picked off the first page, the Lady of Lourdes.  According to LBD, this cocktail…

Exemplifies an ageless imbibing apparition of freshness and effervescence; this concoction is an intuitive illustration of a refreshing spritzer derived from Ketel one Citron, limoncello, fresh citrus, mint, topped up with Prosecco and finished with a slight touch of chamomile.

OK, then.  Well, it was enough to get me to order it.  And it was refreshing (even if I’m not sure my palate could discern between all these flavors).

We were a bit shocked when the bill came and rocked out at AED158 (!).  Certainly, I expected something over AED100, but even for the high standard of drink quality, this seemed a bit steep (even for Dubai).  For the ambiance (and the additional ++ because we were in a hotel), I was okay to let the amount slide.


My recommendation?  Go for one drink.  Make it last, check out the awesome bathrooms, and move onto your next stop. Unless you’re out to splash some serious cash, the bartenders at JLT’s Cocktail Kitchen do nearly as good a job for a lot less.

Have you been to LBD?  What is your favorite cocktail?

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